The Man

Professor, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant

Lyle has spoken for more than 30 years around the world to audiences totaling more than 100,000 people. His speaking, writing, and research has earned him membership in the Who’s Who in Business Higher Education, and he has done consulting work for government agencies, religious organizations, and Fortune 500 Companies. Always a dynamic and engaging speaker, Lyle has gained a reputation for both powerful messages and useful application.

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The Media

In addition to more than 60 scholarly articles, Lyle has written numerous books, which have been translated into 15 languages and total more than a million copies in print.

Breakthroughs happen in all industries. But they don’t happen for all entrepreneurs and they don’t happen in all organizations. They only occur if our courage, dreams, passion, and execution are aligned. The Ladies of the Morning broke through their “ceiling” and turned a dream into reality. Apply the lessons and you will too. 

His latest book is Breaking the Glaze Ceiling, a breakthrough book to help you and your team achieve breakthroughs of your own, not only in your professional and business goals but also in your personal life. Click on the book to learn more and order your copy!

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The Message

Whether in articles, books, speeches, or workshops, Lyle’s goal is always the same: to make people better than they already are, and to turn the message of the day into a workable, practical application that people can use in daily life.

Sometimes that means the audience will need to consider uncomfortable ideas. Sometimes it means straying from the ho-hum, predictable platitudes into exciting and edgy ideas. It always means that the message will be meaningful and important.

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